Why It’s Better

  • CarCordion covers and uncovers a car with the click of a key fob. No struggling to stretch and adjust a mass of fabric over the car: CarCordion does it automatically.

  • CarCordion is a high-tech solution to protecting automobiles outdoors. CarCordion provides cars with the best protection from sun, wind, rain, dirt, tree leaves, bird droppings, and other pollutants in a technologically advanced package.

  • CarCordion is hands-free and hassle free. No more stained clothes and dirty hands from putting on a cover.

  • CarCordion does not touch the car’s surface, protecting the car’s paint and clear coat.

  • The driver can easily enter and exit the car without manipulating the CarCordion’s fabric. Existing car covers have to be taken off just to open a door and access the interior

  • With CarCordion, the owner drives into the cover, and out again, without ever touching the fabric. Driving in and out is easy because CarCordion is always open and compressed when going in or out; the driver is never inside the CarCordion when it is covering a car.

  • CarCordion is electrically powered and operated by a remote key fob. Customers can choose between a rechargeable battery or corded version. The electric motor and drive mechanism are housed in a sleek, modern compartment at the front of the unit.

  • CarCordion comes in a variety of fabric colors and fabric types, such as rain proof and UV resistant. A optional end cover is available if desired.

  • CarCordion comes in several sizes,  from compacts up to full-sized luxury sedans.

  • CarCordion is lightweight and can be moved, although it is designed to remain where it is set up.

  • CarCordion provides many of the benefits of a built garage without the attendant cost and upkeep.